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1.Thompson Twins Big trash
2.Thompson Twins Close to the bone
3.Daryl Hall & John Oates Live Apollo
4.Joel Billy Glass houses 
5.Absolute beginners 2lp soundtrack
9.Gyllene Tider Puls
10.Dahlgren Eva En blekt blondins hjärta
11.Streaplers Evelina
12.Mr.Mister Go on
13.Rogers Kenny & Dottie West Classics
14.Denver John Best of
17.Grant Eddy Going for broke
18.Carnes Kim Mistaken identity
21.Temptations Hear to tempt you
22.Nolans Making waves
23.Nolan Sisters Giant hits
24.Valdor Frank Kingside
25.Paige Elaine
26.Ross Diana Swept away
27.Ross Diana Silk electric
28.Boone Pat White Christmas
29.Nicole What about me?
30.Stephanie Live your life
31.Three Degrees
32.Pugacheva Alla & Udo Lindenberg Songs instead of letters
33.Rhinestone  Soundtrack  Stallone & Parton
35.Young paul Between two fires
37.Weber Frank As the time flies
38.Nolans Portrait
39.Stewart Amii
40.McGee Parker
41.Five Star Silk & steel
44.Ullman Tracey You broke my herat in 17 places
46.Boys Town gang Disco charge
47.Houston Whitney Whitney Houston
48.Parton Dolly The great pretender
49.Gardiner Boris Everything to me
50.Streisand Barbra Emotion
51.Velez Martha American heartbeat
52.Sayer Leo The very best of
53.Taco Puttin on the ritz
54.Gayle Crystal Cage the songbird
55.Manhattan Transfer Mecca for moderns
56.Petersen Jörgen Kultaisen trumpetin kauneimmat melodiat
57.Lionel Richie Can't slow down
58.Pointer Sisters So excited
59.Cotton Gene Rain on
60.O'Day Alan Appetizers
61.Streisand Barbra Guilty
62.Miami Sound Machine Primitive love
63.Rasa Coming into full bloom
64.Landers Audrey Little river
65.Sayer Leo Leo Sayer
66.Ricky West & North south east
67.David Soul  David Soul
68.Happy sax Soft sounds
69.Melvin Harold & Blue Notes Reaching for the world
70.Iglesias Julio 1100 bel air place
71.Iglesias Julio Momentos
72.Duncan Lesley Maybe it's lost
74.Farner Mark Mark Farner
75.Pointer Bonnie 2
76.Rogers Kenny Something inside so strong
78.Miles John Zaragon
79.Images by The guitar corporation
80.Cara Irene What a feelin'
81.Graham jaki Heaven knows
82.Boys Town Gang A cast of thousands
83.Easton Sheena A private heaven
84.Palmer Robert Maybe it's live
86.Sun city Artists united against apartheid
87.Rogers Kenny Greatest hits
89.New Kids On The Block Step by step
90.Gaynor Gloria Stories
91.Bobbysocks  Bobbysocks
92.Carola Runaway
93.Soul David Playing to an audience of one
94.Captain Tennille Make your move
95.Life  Life
96.Stansfield Lisa Affection
97.Ross Diana Why do fools fall in love
98.Napoli Francesco Balla...the first dance
99.Manhattan Transfer Live
100.Simone Afric Aloha playa blanca
101.McLean Penny Lady pump
102.Travolta John Can't let you go
103.Bianco Matt Matt Bianco
104.Pointer Sisters Black & white
105.Nolans Altogether
106.Guys'n'Dolls There's a whole lotta loving
107.Guys'n'Dolls Together
108.Rogers Kenny Kenny
109.Valli Frankie Is the word
110.Chips Having a party
112.Eurythmics Avage
113.Frampton Peter I'm in you
115.Ray parker Jr  After dark
116.Field Billy Bad habits
117.Bros Push
118.Kelly Marie Do you like it like that
119.Rush Jennifer International version
120.Star Sisters Danger
121.Star Sister Hooray for hollywood
122.Johnny Hates Jazz Turn back the clock
123.Mann barry Survivor
125.Three Degrees 20 Golden greats
126.Gallardo Miguel  Miguel Gallardo
127.Progress Busy making progress
128.Level 42 True colours
129.Michael Zager Band Let's all chant
130.Carson Jeannie  Jeannie carson
131.Live for life Eri esittäjiä Marley,Rem,Alarm,Sting,Bangles,Squeeze ym
132.Easton Sheena Best kept secret
133.O'Connor Hazel Breaking glass
134.Blow Monkeys She was only a grocer's daughter
135.Rutherford Mike Acting very strange
136.Hornsby Bruce & The Range Scenes from the southside
137.Bolland The domino theory
138.Williams Andy Hawaiian wedding song
139.Hall Daryl & John Oates Big bam boom