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Annabella Don't wanna dance with strangers

A1     Don't Dance With Strangers B1     I Don't Dance With Strangers (Dub Mix) B2     Magdalen
EU Rca PT 40378  1985
Kunto EX/EX   + Posteri EX
Hinta: 3.00 €

Anthony And The Camp What I like

A1        What I Like (Extended Dance Mix)    6:36 A2        What I Like (Dance - Appella)    5:26 B1        What I Like (Dub Version)    5:37 B2        What I Like (Short Version)    4:03
Germany Warner Bros.920 449-0    1986
Kunto EX/EX
Hinta: 3.00 €

Anthrax I Am the law 12"

A     I Am The Law      B1     I'm The Man      B2     Bud E. Luvbomb And Satan's Lounge Band
UK Island Megaforce 12 IS 316   1987
Kunto VG+ kevyttä hiusnaarmua/hankaumaa,soi ok.
Hinta: 7.00 €

Arcadia Election Day (The Consensus Mix)

A     Election Day (The Consensus Mix)     8:38 B1     Election Day     4:30 B2     She's Moody And Grey, She's Mean And She's Restless     4:27
Germany Parlophone Odeon 1C K 060-20 0815 6   1985
Kunto VG+/VG+
Hinta: 3.00 €

Austin David Band Kiss & Tell (Extended Mix)

B1     Kiss And Tell (7" Version)      B2     Kiss And Tell (Instrumental Version)    
UK Parlophone 12R6102   1985
Kunto Levy A Puoli Mint- B Puoli VG+ / Kansi VG+   Posteri mukana Mint-
Hinta: 3.00 €

Baltimora Woody boogie

A     Woody Boogie (Jumping Mix)     5:52 B     Woody Boogie (Instrumental)     4:36
EU Emi 1C K 060-11 8728 6   1985
Kunto Mint-/Mint-  lähes uudenveroinen.
Hinta: 3.00 €

Coast To Coast Dance on 12" Promo

/ Do the hucklebuck  12" Versions Promo Only + press sheet.
Kunto VG+  kevyttä hiusnaarmua,soi ok.
Hinta: 9.00 €

Dalbello Animal

A     Animal (Jungle Mix) 7:17 B1     Animal (Tribal Mix) 5:35 B2     Cardinal Sin     4:07
Germany Capitol 1C K 060-20 0470 6   1984
Kunto Levy Mint- lähes uudenveroinen / Kansi  VG+
Hinta: 3.00 €

Dio God Hates Heavy Metal 12" Pic Disc

A1        God Hates Heavy Metal B1        This Is Your Life (Studio) B2        Hunter Of The Heart (Live)
Czech Republic ? Bmg 4050538659108  2021
Kunto Uusi soittamaton
12", 45 RPM, Limited Edition, Picture Disc
Record Store Day 2021 exclusive release, part of drop 2 on July 17th. Limited to 3..
Hinta: 19.00 €

Drum Theatre Living in the past(Remix)

A     Living In The Past (Remix) 6:00 B     Seventh Sign (Whiplash Mix) 5:36
Holland Epic EPCA 13.6798   1986
Kunto EX/EX
Hinta: 3.00 €

Frozen Factory The First liquidation EP

Finland Frosty Tea Records FFLP-2   2021   Just out!
Kunto Uusi New
1. The Alternate Missed 2. Au Contraire (feat. Madeleen) 3. Hour Of Need 4. Old Money 5. Two Dads 6. When You’ve Grown 7. You 8. An Improbable Flame
For fans of crossover prog.
We’re Frozen Factory from Finland..
Hinta: 15.00 €

Go West Goodbye girl

A     Goodbye Girl      B1     S.O.S. (The Perpendicular Mix) B2     Dreamworld
UK Chrysalis GOW X 2   1985
Kunto Levy VG kevyttä hiusnaarmua/hankaumaa,soi ok / Kansi EX
Virhepainos B puolella ei ole etiketiiä!
Hinta: 2.00 €

Helen Terry Love lies lost

A1     Love Lies Lost     3:27 A2     Laughter On My Mind (Live Version)     3:23 B     Love Lies Dub 5:17
Germany Virgin 601 320   1984
Kunto Levy Mint- lähes uudenveroinen / Kansi VG  kulmat vähän taittunut ja takakannessa pieni pintarepeymä.
Hinta: 2.00 €

Hot Chocolate Heartache No.9

A     Heartache No 9 (Extended Re-Mix) Mixed By [An M 'n' M Mix] – John MoralesProducer – Pete Wingfield 5:21 B1     Heartache No 9 (Dub Version) Mixed By [An M 'n' M Mix] – John MoralesProducer – Pete Wingfield 4:58 B2     One Life 3:56
EU Rak 1C K 060 20 1027 6   1986
Hinta: 3.00 €

Jackson Freddie Rock me tonight(For Old Times Sake) (Extended Version)

A     Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake)     7:06 B1     Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake)     3:59 B2     Rock Me Tonight (Groove)     5:00
Germany Capitol K 060 20 0701 6    1985
Kunto Levy Mint uudenveroinen / Kansi VG+  1 kulma lievästi taittunut ja takakannessa pieni pintarepeämä...
Hinta: 3.00 €

Jackson Jermaine Dynamite

A     Dynamite 7:45 B1     Dynamite (Instrumental) 6:20 B2     Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin' (Too Good To Be True) (Instrumental) 4:10
Holland Arista ARI 12.8392   1984
Kunto EX+/EX+
Hinta: 3.00 €

King Evelyn "Champagne" Give me one reason

A     Give Me One Reason B1     Out Of Control (Remixed Version) B2     Don't It Feel Good
UK Rca RCAT 474   1985
Kunto Levy Mint- lähes uudenveroinen / Kansi VG+
Hinta: 3.00 €

Leon Jean Francois Americanise

A     Américanisé     7:04 B     Américanisé     4:26
Holland CBS A127074   1986
Kunto EX/EX
Hinta: 3.00 €

Lovesmith Michael Break the ice

A     Break The Ice (Dance Mix)     5:57 B1     Baby I Will     5:30 B2     Lucky In Love 4:32
UK Motown ZT 40274   1985
Kunto Levy VG+ / Kansi EX
Hinta: 2.00 €

Mezzoforte Featuring Noel McCalla ‎This Is The Night

A     This Is The Night     6:15 B1     Fiona     5:42 B2     Check It Out     3:27
UK Steinar STE 1290   1984
Kunto EX-/EX-
Hinta: 3.00 €