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Ark Med dalasinfoniettan Live på peace & love 2011

EU Peace & Love 2011

Kunto Mint uudenveroinen

  1. Absolutely No Decorum
  2. Clamor For Glamor
  3. Breaking Up With God
  4. One Of Us Is Gonna Die Young
  5. Father Of A Son
  6. Superstar
  7. Stay With Me (med Dalasinfoniettan)
  8. Let Your Body Decide (med Dalasinfoniettan)
  9. Prayer For The Weekend (med Dalasinfoniettan)
  10. It Take A Fool To Remain Sane (med Dalasinfonietta
  11. The Apocalypse Is Over (med Dalasinfoniettan)
  12. The Worryin Kind (med Dalasinfoniettan)
  13. Calleth You, Cometh I (med Dalasinfoniettan)

Hinta:3.00 €