Psychobilly/Neobilly/Rockabilly/R'n'R etc.80's-2018

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Sonny West And The Rhythm Kings ‎ Mr.Wild Guitar

UK Crown Son 1-90   1990   Limited edition Red Vinyl!
Kunto Levy EX-/ Kansi VG alareuna kulunut puhki keskeltä n.7cm  muuten EX
A1     Mr Wild Guitar      A2     Sweet Fannie mae      A3     Doin' The Boogie      A4     Devil's Curse      A5     You're The One      A6     Cruisin'      B1     Darlene..
Hinta: 9.00 €

Bamboozle Red Right Hand 12" EP

A1     Red Right Hand      A2     Just Like You      B1     The Pink Panther      B2     Ice Cold Beer    
UK Jimena Records ‎JMA02EP   2017
Kunto Uusi  New
Hinta: 10.00 €

Big Daddy Sun & The Outer Planets Rockabilly

UK Nervous NERD 012   1984
Kunto EX/EX
A1     Hey Pretty Baby A2     She's An Angel A3     Breakout A4     Rock 'N' Roll Rabbit A5     Play It Cool Man A6     Rockabilly Party A7     Midnight Ball B1     Eenie Meenie Miney Mo B2     Twelve Bars On Mars B3     Right Around The Corner      B4     Gone..
Hinta: 7.00 €

Black Raven Rockbox Revival

Germany Hot Stuff HS 026   2018
Kunto Uusi New
Roll A
01 Tell Her (I'll fight)
02 Chrome Heart
03 Karate
04 You're Leaving Me
05 Has She Got A Friend
06 Tovarich
07 Once More Forever
08 Flori's Superhit
Roll B
01 Over You
02 If I Married A Hooker (feat. Kris Kristofferson)
03 Girl In..
Hinta: 20.00 €

Blue Cats The Norton spirit 10" EP + CDEP

Bluelight Records 2013
Kunto Uusi
Side A
01. THE NORTON SPIRIT (The Dazza mix full lenght) 
02. THE NORTON SPIRIT (The Dazza mix edit) 
Side B
01. THE TUNNEL (live in Rantasipi Hyvinkää 2012) 
02. CASTING MY SPELL (live in Rantasipi Hyvinkää 2012)
10" EP + mukana samat biisit CDEP muodossa...
Hinta: 13.00 €

Blue Cats On a live mission

Bluelight Records 2013
Kunto New Uusi

01. The Norton Spirit 
02. Who Stole My Blue Suede Shoes 
03. Casting My Spell 
04. The Tunnel 
05. Car '76 
06. Billy Ruffians 
07. Wild Night 
08. Gotta Go 
09. Lonesome Desperado 
10. Man With The Mission 
11. Captain Blood 
12. Secret Agent Man ..
Hinta: 25.00 €

Boppin' Pete 3 Dorkabilly

Bluelight Records BLR 33166 1  2012
Kunto Uusi  New
Side A: 1. Rock And Roll 2. Big Boy Rock 3. Ties And Rails 4. Live Forever 5. King Kong 6.Folk Singer Side B: 1. Burned Melodies 2. Soul Beat 3. The Shadow Knows 4. Jelly Bean 5. Dearest Darling 6. Sweet Dreams..
Hinta: 17.00 €

Boptails Hot Rod Wheels

Germany Tombstone Tomb-disc 693    1991   White Vinyl!
Kunto Levy VG+/ Kansi EX

01. Coming Home
02. Take My Love
03. Bad Bad Rhythm
04. Desperate Love
05. Bop Till You Drop
06. Hot Rod Wheels

01. Nothing But The Blues
02. Whiskey And Moonlight
03. Going By Train
04. Rockabilly..
Hinta: 15.00 €

Bradley Clint Riding After Midnight

Bluelight Records  2014
Kunto Uusi
1. Riding After Midnight 2. My Rifle My Pony And Me (säv./san. Dimitri Tiomkin, Paul Webster) 3. Doggone Cowboy (säv./san. Joe Babcock) 4. A Fine Horse 5. We Are Shane 6. Call Of The Far Away Hills (säv./san. Victor Young, Mack David) 7. Wish I'd Been There 8. Pilgrim..
Hinta: 19.00 €

Crackle Rattle Bash Crackle Rattle Bash

Holland Count Orlok R.O.C.K.II  1987
Kunto Levy VG- kevyttä pinta/hiusnaarmu on,mutta soi hyvin / Kansi VG+
Side 1: Save My Money Gone I Really Know Gotta Get You Hey Good Lookin' Black Out Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms Side 2: When You Wanna Go Wrong Direction No Perfection There Was A Time..
Hinta: 6.00 €

Dixie Fried Six dicks of dynamite

Power POWLP 11   1990  avattavat kannet
Kunto EX+/EX+
A1     Mambo Rock     2:58 A2     Mr Fiddle     2:07 A3     Sa Si Sa     3:23 A4     Shout     2:47 A5     Twist     2:47 A6     Hit That Jive Jack     3:23 A7     Tears And The Rain     3:33 B1     Catfish     3:19 B2     Honey Dont     3:17 B3..
Hinta: 9.00 €

Doctor's Order with Mick Green Cutthroat And Dangerous LP + CD

Finland Goofin' Records  GRLP 61223   2017
Kunto Uusi New
Side A: 1. Domino 2. The Wildest Beast On Six Feet (The Pirate song) 3. Weekend 4. Big Bad Doc Side B: 1. Drinkin’ Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee 2. Baby Elephant Walk 3. Big Bad Doc (2008 version) 4. Great Mick Green CD: 1. Domino 2. The Wildest..
Hinta: 25.00 €

Earl Johnny The Concert sessions

UK Pride of Devon Records KAMA 0002  1990 
Kunto EX/EX
1. Go Johnny Go     2. Ain´t That A Shame / Be My Guest     3. It´s Only Make Believe     4. Oh Pretty Woman     5. Great Balls Of Fire / High School Confidential     6. Tutti Frutti     7. Surrender     8. Tower Of Strength     9. I´ll Be Satisfied..
Hinta: 10.00 €

Ellis And The Angry Teens Bad Rockabilly Music

Goofin' Records GRLP 61207   2006
Kunto Levy VG+ muutama kevyt pintajälki/naarmu / Kansi EX-
Side A: 1. Bad Rockabilly Music 2. Chances Are 3. Hey Gina 4. Opportunity 5. Move Over, Tiger 6. Still Wild 7. My Buddy's Baby Side B: 1. Scratchin' 2. Teenage Special 3. Doncha Come A-Knockin' 4. Alcohol..
Hinta: 11.00 €

Evan Johns & His H-Bombs Bombs away

Usa Speedoo DOLP 9117   1989
Kunto Hyvä EX+/EX+   mukana sanaliite EX+
A1     Love Is Gone     2:58 A2     I'm A Little Mixed Up     3:50 A3     Done By Me     2:37 A4     Twister County     4:23 A5     Dance Fanny Dance     2:53 A6     Lessons That Burn     2:54 B1     Oh New Orleans     4:18 B2   ..
Hinta: 8.00 €

Francine RightNow

Bluelight BLR 33191 1   2018    Limited 350 copies only!
Kunto Uusi  New
A1     Can't Take It No More      A2     Lost Ones      A3     Right Now      A4     Mad Animal Shuffle      A5     Where We Go      B1     NoMeansNo!      B2     Fallin' Down      B3     Hybrid Moments      B4     Lookin' for..
Hinta: 24.00 €

Frantic Flintstones A Nightmare on nervous

UK Nervous NERD 034  1988
Kunto VG+/VG+   EI liitettä mukana!
     Fred's Side A1     Hellfire A2     Monte Carlo Or Bust A3     44 A4     Please Cool Baby A5     Oh Baby Oh Yeah A6     Ally Cat King       Barney's Side B1     Gone Gone Well Gone B2     Red Chevy B3     Ring Ring Ringin' B4     What..
Hinta: 13.00 €

Guana Batz Live over London

UK I.D. NOSE 14  1987  avattavat kannet
Kunto Levy VG- kevyttä pinta/hiusnaarmua on,soi ok / Kansi EX
A1 Can’t Take The Pressure A2 Rockin’ In The Graveyard A3 My Way A4 Live For The Day A5 Rocky Road Blues A6 Seethrough A7 Loan Shark B1 Baby Blue Eyes B2 I’m On Fire B3 Dynamite B4..
Hinta: 7.00 €

Guana Batz Rough edges

UK I.D. NOSE 20   1988
Kunto Levy VG- kevyttä pinta/hiusnaarmua on,mutta soi ok / Kansi EX-
A1     Streetwise      A2     Open Your Mouth      A3     One Night      A4     Good News      A5     Rocking On Creek Road      A6     Fight Back      B1     Spy Catcher      B2     Love Generator      B3   ..
Hinta: 5.00 €

Haaja Vesa Se Hetki On Nyt

Bluelight Records BLR 33187 1   2017     Limited 300 copies!
Kunto Mint  Uusi
Side A: 1. Mä tuskin vielä uskon (I Just Can't Help Believing) 2. Hinta 3. Salakavalaa 4. Uusi tähti 5. Vain hölmö uskoo rakkauteen 6. Lohduton kaupunki (It's a Lonely Town) Side B: 1. Kesäsade (Summer Rain) 2. Heidi 3...
Hinta: 22.00 €