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Eri esittäjiä Rock Festival

Amulet Wish WISH 16  1986

Kunto EX+/EX+

A1–Smack (5)Paint It Black3:16

A2–L'amourderThe Canoe Song3:10

A3–The Nights Of IguanaDry Nancy3:32

A4–Johnny Lee MichaelsLeave Me Alone6:16

A5–The Cherry BombzDeclaration4:34

B1–The Leputation Of The Slaves*I Will Stay By Your Side3:46

B2–Catwalk (3)Take Me4:00

B3–Gerry & Face GalleryGonna Fight That Nightmare3:33

B4–The Suicide TwinsDance4:22

B5–Sam Yaffa & Pelle AlmgrenLonely In Love4:46

Hinta:4.00 €